My Fellow Americans

Abby Joseph, Founder of Cultured Views

I like chatting with locals as I make my way around the United States. Some people’s enthusiasm for conversation and the exchange of ideas may surprise you. It’s a fantastic opportunity to meet interesting individuals and get insight into American culture. Plus, it’s fascinating to learn about other people’s lives, adventures, and troubles too.

Asking a person a lighthearted inquiry is a great way to satisfy your natural curiosity and kick up a lively discussion. There’s no telling where it may take you.

Here are some links below to interviews I’ve done with random people from all around the USA.

Key West, Florida

Is there a present you’d want to get but know no one would ever think to get you since you’re an adult?

Something about Key West has a unifying effect on its visitors. Perhaps it’s the easygoing culture or the seemingly limitless supply of sunlight and tequila. Whatever the case may be, you’ll find that it’s a wonderful location to mingle with interesting people and discuss the issues that matter to you.

On Duval Street, you may strike up a conversation with a tattooed bartender who has a good heart or a free-thinking artist who wants to talk about the big questions in life.

Also, making new acquaintances while taking in a sunset over the Gulf of Mexico is an experience unlike any other. You won’t be let down if you go to Key West in search of stimulating discussion and engaging company.

Miami, Florida

What cinematic clichés do you want Hollywood to stop doing?

Look no farther than Miami for a fun-filled vacation in the sun. Not too hot, and a gentle wind blows constantly; the weather is perfect. The beaches are one of the best parts. Those pools are spotless, well-kept gems, with water at the ideal temperature. But what makes Miami really unique are its residents.

Each and every person I came into contact with was kind and friendly. After a short time, I already felt like I belonged here. Even if you simply want to kick back and soak in the sights, a trip to Miami will be well worth it. The next visit will not come soon enough for me!