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As I make my way across the nation, I’ve chosen to keep a blog that will detail my reflections and observations along the way. On this journey, I don’t even know whether I have a specific goal in mind to achieve. There may be some answers, and there may also be some new questions. My primary objective, though, is to achieve a state of calm and mental clarity.

This American road trip has been a very long time in the making. I’ve spent years experiencing feelings of restlessness and discontentment in my life. I’ve been looking for something, but I can’t quite put my finger on what it is. Perhaps this is the reason I made the decision to take the road: to see if I could discover whatever it is I’m searching for out there in the vast open portions of the United States.

This adventure has been fantastic up to this point. I’ve had the opportunity to interact with some very remarkable individuals and see some stunning locations. And although I haven’t figured out any solutions yet, I get the impression that I’m almost there.

New items will be added to my blog on a regular basis, and I welcome and look forward to reading your ideas and feedback along the journey.

Thanks for reading!

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